STUDENT REPORT, "DRAGON", November 27, 2013

During September, 8 students went to China for a cultural exchange. We spent one week staying with a Chinese family and going to school. We went to Taizhou Middle School and learned lots of things like: Chinese writing, Kung Fu and Chinese culture like the Moon Cake Festival.
We visited many famous sights around China during our second week. The Great Wall of China was our favourite and we marvelled at its construction. We also managed to see the Terracotta Warriors, the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Shanghai's Oriental Pearl Tower and the Bird's Nest Stadium where the 2008 Olympic Ceremonies were held.
We have finally established Taizhou School as our sister school and Bairnsdale Secondary can look forward to many more cultural exchanges. In 2014 Taizhou will be coming here for a homestay.

Sunday, September 15
Arrival at Taizhou Experimental Middle School
Monday, September 16
Welcome Assembly
Friday, September 20

Unedited "Google Translate" translation:
September 20 afternoon, Taizhou experimental schools reported hall held a warm farewell, farewell visiting Australian Bairnsdale school students and teachers. Two schools in 2011 sister school relationships, and successfully exchanged visits, which is representative of teachers and students Bairnsdale Secondary College second visit Taizhou Experimental High School.
Farewell to a hot Latin dance and imaginative opening, magic, songs, opera ...... one fantastic program turns staged, China and Australia offer a student audience a wonderful visual feast.
Before the performance, Bairnsdale Hall principals Taizhou hospitality Experimental High School students thanked, he said that the trip to China left a good impression on Australia Fang Xuesheng, the in-depth understanding of the Chinese traditional culture, the teacher concerned, this is a good opportunity to exchange teaching ideas. Finally, Hall heads to the principal He Shixiang (Mr River), and the staff and students an invitation next year to Australia guest.
In exchange during my school to Australia teachers arrange a variety of activities, the Australian side and students to learn the Chinese language, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, and Chinese martial arts, participated in the International Ozone Layer Protection Day, Taizhou Experimental Middle School flag-raising ceremony and other activities, and in the Chinese reception family spent the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Bairnsdale school's Tia is the first time to China, China is also the first time to stay home. She said that the people here are very friendly, teachers and students are very enthusiastic, it was a memorable trip to China.
The two sides launched a highly successful fruitful faculty teaching exchanges, Xiaozhang describes the visit, the two schools reached a consensus on two, the first is on course to introduce, our school will introduce the Australian side, interactive courses to build student body involved classroom; second is to carry out cooperation in running schools, the two sides will exchange teachers from each school exchanges teach in my school preparatory classes Bairnsdale school opened a "Confucius Classroom" will introduce traditional Chinese culture to more Australian friends.