Jiangsu Province
East River, Taizhou
Mei Park
Taizhou, meaning "Peaceful Prefecture" in Mandarin, is located on the northern bank of the Yangtze River's lower reaches, in the mid-Jiangsu Region.In ancient times it was called Hailing, and was known as “An Ancient City of the Han and Tang Dynasties and A Famous District in the Huaihai region”.

The city area covers 5,793 square kilometres and has a population of approximately 5 million. With a history extending more than 2,100 years, Taizhou has long been a political, economic, communications and cultural centre of mid-Jiangsu region. It is the hometown of Mr Shi Nai'an - a famous litterateur, Mr Zheng Banqiao - a well known calligrapher and painter and Mr Mei Langfang, a true world class master of Peking Opera.

Taizhou and its jurisdiction are traditionally considered as a farming land and its moderate weather and rainfall make the city one of Jiangsu’s agricultural areas. The farming income still occupied a major portion of the city’s economy nowadays. Agricultural products include cotton, livestock, vegetable and aquatic products, specifically for ginkgo and aquatic production.

Taizhou's main industries include production of machinery, electronics, textiles, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and other light industries. Dubbed"China's medical city", the city has becoming a national hub for hosting dozens of major international and domestic corporations in pharmaceutical, biomedical, biochemical and bio-tech enterprises. One of the largest enterprises, The Chunlan Group, manufactures air conditioners, vehicles, general machinery, motorcycles, electronics and refrigerators. Other businesses located in Taizhou include LG Electronics Inc. which is one of the world top 500 enterprises and the joint Japanese/Chinese enterprise Jiangsu Linhai Yamaha Motorcycle Co.

Taizhou experiences a subtropical monsoon climate with humid changeable wind and the raining season is usually from the middle of June to July. Five rivers of Mid-Jiangsu Region, serving as five important water communication lines, meet at Taizhou and then empty into the Yellow Sea. The people of Taizhou are mainly of the Han ethnic group. The Taizhou area has won many awards in China, including: fne of the cleanest cities, environment-friendly city, green city, city with excellent security, the safest city in China, and award for the city with wonderful residential environment in Jiangsu province

Taizhou is a Sister City of the Latrobe City Council. We are fortunate to have the support and assistance of Ms Jie Liu, International Relations Officer with the LaTrobe City Council for our Overseas Study Experience. Jie will accompany us on our study tour of China.

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