· When did Beijing become the capital of China?
Kublai Khan made Beijing the capital of his empire from 1264 to 1267.
When the Ming emperors made it the capital again in 1421 and remained the capital until 1912.
The communists declared the city their capital in 1949 and it is still the capital till this day.

· What are some of the main tourist attractions in Beijing?
The Great Wall of China, Prince Gong’s mansion, Hongluo Temple, exhibition of Hall of weapons,
museum of Dabaotia Han Tomb, Tiger Valley, Longxian Palace and Beijing Zoo, Aquarium and botanical gardens
· How does Beijing celebrate the New Year?
The New Year in Beijing starts celebrating the passing of the year before it, with costumes and stilts.
Then they welcome the New Year’s zodiac animal. After the traditional customs have finished, the younger generation take over.
They put 1m long legs and dance on the stilts while visiting houses and making everybody laugh.
· Where is Beijing located, in comparison to other places in China?
Beijing is located in the northern part of China near Tainjin and the East China Sea.
It is the capital of china and has almost 17 thousand square kilometres of area. It is surrounded by mountains to the north to northwest,
and the highest point of Beijing is Mount Dongling and is 2.3 kilometres above ground.

· Why is Beijing named Beijing, today?
At the start of 1949 in the civil war, Communists military entered Beijing (which was called at the time Beiping)
and in October that same year, Mao Zedong declared the making of
“The people’s republic of China” (PRC) and renamed the city, Beijing, the capital of China.

  • What is the population of Beijing?
The population of Beijing is 14,930,000
  • What is the Time in Beijing compared to other cities
If the time was 5:00am in Melbourne, it would be 3:00am in Beijing.
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