February 2012
School Leadership
  • Seven OLE students (Mitch, Jake, Ryan, Lisa, Hayley, Maddy & Briannon) have been elected as Junior Campus House Captains for 2012
  • Four OLE students (Ebony, Pia, Lisa & Kathleen) have become members of the 2012 Junior Campus SRC
February 8 & 15
Gippsland Region - Teaching & Learning Video
The OLE students worked under the guidance of Gippsland Region project officer Rob King to produce a teaching & learning video for presentation at a meeting of Gippsland Region Principals. The Region made the request for the OLE students participation following extremely positive feedback about their presentation at the Performance of Understanding event in December 2011.
The theme of the presentation as the "4 C's - communication, creativity, collaboration and capability". The purpose was the allow the principals to see a learning process through student eyes by telling the story of the experience. The principals then had to extract the "4 C's" message from the video presentation.
The students spent one 2.5 hour session workshopping how to present the video and another 2.5 hours the following week filming, with LIsa, Ebony, Kathleen, Mitchell, Josh, Pia, Zara, Matt, Jake, Maddy, Bri and Caitlin appearing on camera.
March 16
Asia Education Foundation - Cultures of Excellence Workshop - Harnessing the Overseas Learning Experiences of Victorian Students
Seven of the OLE students (Madaline, Lisa, Josh, Mitchell, Caitlin, Briannon & Jake) travelled to Melbourne to participate in this workshop at Melbourne University. They stayed overnight prior to the workshop and had the opportunity to dine at a Turkish restaurant in Sydney Road, another first-time cultural experience for all. Prior to the workshop, the group took the chance to do a walking tour of Melbourne Unversity, taking in the atmosphere and getting a sense of the facilities.
The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and the chance to share the Overseas Learning Experiences of Victorian students who had visited other countries. The sessions with the Asia Literacy Ambassadors made a real impact, with members of the group expressing an interest in following similar pathways by working or volunteering in the Asian Region once they finish school.

Here's a report on the day from the AEF's website - Maddy, Jake & Bri feature in a photo and comments by Maddy & Josh are also featured.

And here's a video report about the day - Lisa and Josh feature in interviews.
Lisa, Lane & Jack were selected to participate in student technician training program, Dragon-Tech. They will play a signficant role in the implementation of the College's 1to1 netbook computer program. While completing a VET Certificate, they will help administer the initial roll-out of machines, support staff & students with coaching in class rooms and also help fix everyday problems with the netbooks.
Access Asia School
The College accepted an invitation from the Asia Education Foundation to become an Access Asia School. This is in recognition of the dedication of the College to achieving Asia literacy for our students. We join over 320 Access Asia Schools nationwide who are profiled by AEF, acknowledging their commitment to ensuring students are equipped to live and work successfully in the 21st century as informed and active global citizens.
Here's a list of the Access Asia Schools as of August 2012:
May 16
Minister Dixon Visits College
Bri, Lisa, Maddy, Kathleen, Pia & Caitlin presented an update of OLE program outcomes to the Minister at a reception held in his honour during his visit to the College. Here's a photo of the girls with Cr Marianne Pelz (Deputy Major of East Gippsland Shire), Tim Bull MLA (Member for East Gippsland), Minister Martin Dixon & Darren Chester MP (Member for Gippsland)
Ministers Presentation Photos 2012 061.JPG
June 14
Paynesville PS Presentations
Ryan, Kathleen, Zoe & Bri visited Paynesville PS to make presentations to their Grade 3, 4 5 & 6 students about their experiences in China. There were many questions from the audience and the presentations were well received by both staff and students. Paynesville PS is currently skyping with a school in Suzhou. Several of their staff visited Suzhou with a Gippsland Region delegation earlier in the year and will return again during Term 4.
An article about the BSC OLE program was published in the July edition of the DEECD's magazine Inspire. Here's a link to the online version - the article "A Passport to Possibilities" is on pages 52-55
July 21 -August 3
Taizhou Experimental Middle School Exchange Visit
Seventeen students and four staff from TEMS participated in an exchange visit to the College. They arrived in Melbourne on Saturday, July 21 and were greeted by BSC staff and 12 OLE students - Drew, Madaline, Kathleen, Nicole, Josh, Zoe, Briannon, Samantha, Mitchell, Cameron, Lane & Pia plus two Chinese speaking BSC students, Steffie & Rita. The group did some sightseeing in Melbourne over the weekend, visiting St Patricks Cathedral, viewing the sports precinct, walking along Birrarung Marr to Federation Square, dining at Southbank, seeing the city at night from Eureka Skydeck, walking in the Botannic Gardens, visiting the Shrine of Remembrance, paddling at St Kilda Beach and shopping at the St Kilda Esplanade Market.
The Taizhou students met their homestay families at BSC on Sunday evening and went home with OLE host brothers and sisters Cody, Madaline, Kathleen, Kyran, Drew, Nicole, Josh, Jack, Ryan, Caitlin, Zoe, Briannon, Mitchell, Cameron Lane, Pia plus Year 10 host student Tash.
The Taizhou students and staff attended school for the following week, beginning each day with English Language lessons with Miss Phyl. Classes during the week included Home Economics during which the students made Anzac biscuits, Art with an indigenous design theme, Humanities and a "Getting to Know Australia" lesson and a Science lesson during which students made rubber balls & slime. Other activities during the week included a walk into town and along the Mitchell River Walking Track, a meal & movie evening, a trip to Raymond Island to see koalas in the wild, an afternoon at Paynesville PS joining in activities with their students and a visit to local farms to see an evening's milking session and learn about vegetable growing and processing industry in this area.
Some formal occasions were also held during week, including a Welcome Assembly and a Civic Reception conducted by East Gippsland Shire to welcome the Taizhou delegation. A highlight of the week was the formalising of an ongo-ing relationship between the two schools with the signing of a formal Sister School MOU.
The school week finished with a concert on Friday afternoon, during the College Swing Band performed, Joe and Pat played the didgeridoo, a new BSC dance group performed and the Taizhou students demonstrated the use of the diablo, paper cutting, Wu Shu and also sang a traditional Chinese song plus Auld Lang Syne in Chinese.

Here's the link to our photo gallery of visit activiites:
Taizhou Visit 2012

Here are links to the Taizhou Experimental Middle School's website photos and reports that TEMS staff posted during their visit.

Saturday, July 21
Sunday, July 22
Monday, July 23
http://www.tzsyzx.com/newsShow.asp?dataID=5246 (Mr Yang's Welcome Speech at Assembly)
Tuesday, July 24
Wednesday, July 25
Thursday, July 26
Friday, July 27
http://www.tzsyzx.com/newsShow.asp?dataID=5256 (Mr Yang's Farewell Speech)

And here are links to the East Gippsland Shire's articles about the Civic Reception

On the weekend, the Chinese students joined their host families for activities on Saturday then on Sunday a large contingent of OLE students and host family members joined the Taizhou visitors on a day trip to the Buchan Caves and to Lakes Entrance. A highlight was the excitement of the Chinese students when they caught sight of the main beach and the ocean for the first time - there was much squealing and jumping up and down. After a fish and chips lunch on the Esplanade, the group took a leisurely lakes cruise to finish off the afternoon.

Sunday, July 29

A large gathering of host family members and BSC students farewelled the visitors when they departed Bairnsdale on Monday morning and quite a few tears were shed. The Taizhou visitors travelled by bus to Canberra, then on to Sydney, to experience a bit more of Australia before departing on Friday, August 3.
Monday, July 30 - Friday, August 3 - Canberra, Sydney & The Blue Mountains

Saturday, August 25 - Evaluation Report of Visit
August 6
Yarram SC - 2012 OLE Program Support
August 18
Laugh Out Loud
Final performance of the 2012 College musical production, Laugh Out Loud, the dreamtime story of Tiddalik the frog. Not only did Nicole & Lisa have prominent acting/singing roles, they took charge of the presentation ceremony at the conclusion of the last performance, recognising the contribution of other participants and staff. Well done girls - another time when your leadership skills shone through.
August 29
Asia Education Foundation Workshop - "Opening a Door to Asia", Melbourne University
OLE students AJ, Nicole, Shakira, Samantha and Cameron, along with Steffie and some Japanese Language students, travelled to Melbourne to participate in this workshop. They stayed overnight, enjoying a meal and entertainment in Lygon Street, Melbourne's Italian precinct. There was time for a tour of university grounds & facilities before the workshop began. The students participated in a range of activities during the day and again had the priviledge of meeting and speaking with some of the Asia Literacy Ambassadors, whose stories were once again inspiring.
East Gippsland Network Awards
Congratulations to Nicole & Lisa who were recognised at the 2012 Network Awards Evening. Both were presented with awards for outstanding school achievement and leadership.
Smith Family TechPack Workshops
Well done to Lane who, as a Dragon-Tech member, provided coaching for Koorie parents during a series of two-hour computer skills workshops run over four Tuesday evenings. He demonstrated great communication skills along with his computer skills and knowledge and struck up great relationships with workshop participants.
September 20
Kwong Lee Dow Award
Congratulations to Nicole, Zara, Pia and LIsa who have been selected as four of the College's five nominees for the Kwong Lee Dow Award. And congratulations to other nominees Ryan, Lane, Bri, Jack, Sam and Jake.
September 21
Anniversary & Review Lunch
Sixteen OLE students plus tour staff and Rod attended an Anniversary & Review lunch at Lake of China. The food was great and the conversation flowed freely. Everyone formally shared their thoughts about the impact of the program on them to mark the 12 month anniversary of our time in China. All the OLE students completed review reflections and these will be collated to add to the evaluation of the project. Those present were keen to make this event an annual one; we'll just adjust the timing so that it doesn't clash with Band Tour etc so that everyone can attend! Thanks to Lorry for her great organisation of this event, to Rod for making the trip to Bairnsdale to attend and to the Lake of China for their hopitality.
Mitchell, Jack & AJ enjoy lunch
East Gippsland Shire Council Youth Forums
A number of OLE participants represented the College at youth forums. An outcome of these forums is the intention is to establish a youth consultative committee in 2013.
2012 OLE Program
Yarram SC & Neerim SC have been in China on their Overseas Learning Experience. On the link below you will find the diary of the experiences of the Yarram SC students.
Kwong Lee Dow
Congratulations to Zara and Pia on receiving Kwong Lee Dow Awards. And congratulations to other OLE final nominees Nicole and Lisa.
November 24, 23 & 25
Energy Breakthrough
Well done to Jake and Pia who participated in the annual Energy Breakthrough event in Maryborough

December 31
New Year's Greetings from Taizhou


New Years Greeting.jpg