Dreams - Lisa, Cody & AJ

What opportunities do Chinese and Australian teenagers have to achieve their dreams?
Enquiry Questions:
  • What are the differences between the dreams of Chinese teenagers and Australian teenagers?
  • If you are a Chinese teenager, does tradition influence what you want to be when you are older?
  • If you have a talent, such as sport or dance, are you under more pressure to achieve in China than in Australia?
  • ´╗┐What do teenagers consider most important?
  • Do Chinese and Australian students have the same educational opportunities?
  • Why do Chinese students study longer hours than Australian students?
  • What are the differences in opportunities to get a good education?
  • What are the differences in the chances to choose the job you want?
  • What is the dream that Chinese teenagers may have in common?
  • When do they achieve their dreams?
  • Which genders of teenagers are most likely to accomplish their dreams?
  • Who is the dominant gender in striving for their dreams?
  • What country is most likley to achieve their dreams first?
  • What may stop the chinese teenages in acheiveing their dreams?