Government & Beliefs - Jake, Lane & Bri

How does the system of government, and religious beliefs, impact on the way of life in each country?
Enquiry Questions:
  • What is Communism?
  • What is the Communist Party?
  • Does having a Communist government mean that people are negatively impacted on more than in a demoncratic country?
  • Is there the same level of freedom under Communism as there is in a democracy?
  • How many responsibilities and rights does an average Chinese adolescent have to deal with? Waht reighs and responsiblities are they entitled to?
  • What are the main religions and how are they practised?
  • What impact do religious beliefs have on everyday life?
  • Do religions get in the way of their social or school lives?
  • What is the government like today?
  • What are some different religions?
  • What do different religions practise?
  • What does the Chinese government enforce that is different to Australian government
  • Where are some religions held
  • Where is the governmental events held?
  • When are religious people allowed to practise their religion?
  • When do laws get past?Where does line cross between religion and government?
  • Which is better? Democracy or Communists?
  • Which does produce more money? Religion or Government?
  • Who is the leader of China?
  • Who are the main religions in china/Australia ?
  • Who does China/Australia get most of their product from
  • Why is there dispute in China/Australia ?
  • Why are China/Australia communist/Democracy?
  • Why do China have a population problem ?
  • Why does religion influence them so much?